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Mooney’s cuisine showcases traditional Lebanese dishes that naturally cater to all types of diets, including traditional, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten & dairy free.  Like so many “soul” and “comfort” foods around the world, the roots of traditional Lebanese cuisine is considered “peasant food” in the sense that much of the cuisine historically originated within resource-poor circumstances.  Meals therefore had to be inexpensive, so small amounts of meat were used, primarily for flavoring. Thus a vibrant tradition took root, with richly flavorful meals and alternative proteins that are wholly savory and delightful. To more fully accommodate alternative diets, Mooney’s Mediterranean Café cooks exclusively with extra virgin olive oil, with all fried foods cooked using rice bran oil. Vegetarian and vegan options are marked throughout the Café’s menu, and any menu item can be served without a bun. Pita, tabouli, and couscous are gluten-free.

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What is Sumac?

  • We make our own sauces and marinades from scratch.
    We only buy imported Lebanese tahini.
    We use over 4 gallons of fresh lemon juice each week.
    We are the largest purchasers of eggplant in Winston-Salem.
    Sumac for tahini is imported from Lebanon (not the poison kind!)